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Caution! Wild animals ahead

Avoiding collisions with deer: four points

Many collisions with deer result from ignorance of their habits. It is important to know the habits of deer and to drive carefully. Especially in the morning, evening., and at night, when yezo deer are active, please drive with particular care and attention.

Deer follow the leader.
Yezo deer roam in groups. Just because the deer has crossed doesn't mean you're safe. There may be two or three more coming. When you see a deer, always slow down.

A glimmer in the dark? Brake hard!
A deer's eyes reflect headlights. If you see a glimmer in the dark, brake hard.

Surprisingly, yezo deer are slow to react.
Yezo deer slip and fall easily on the road, so cars that are not decelerating will sometimes collide with them.@If a deer is on the road, drive at reduced speed.

Deer paths go through trees.
A road passing through woods may cross a deer path. Drive extra carefully on such roads, where deer are more likely to enter the roadway.


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